Alamak, not fried rice again!

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My grandma used to refer to me as a “bee tang”.  In Hokkien, it means rice bin or 米桶 in Chinese – referring to someone who consumes a good amount of rice.


When I was a child, I could finish a big serving plate of white steamed rice blended with mashed salted egg.  My love for fried rice is well known amongst close friends of mine.  My favourite kind of fried rice is the one luncheon meat in it, not just any spam, but the Ma Ling type!

Recipe for Ah Ron’s fried rice (Serves 4)

You know something? I can’t help thinking how a good tasting fried rice with the right textures, flavours and colours is pretty similar to how a good investment portfolio should be.  If the fried rice is balanced properly (or dare I say, perfectly?), it is the ultimate comfort food to me.  It is the same for my investment portfolio.  It needs to be of the right balance – types of investment products invested through multiple channels, diversification of products within the channels themselves.  A well-diversified, balanced investment portfolio is key to managing investment risk while earning acceptable returns.

Like a good plate of fried rice, having seemingly the right balance of ingredients that you do not normally think will work together, an investment portfolio that has investments that have a low correlation to each other helps in spreading and reducing overall risk.  Investments with similar attributes e.g. in the same industry or rely on the same economic factors have a high correlation to each other.  A low correlation means that your investments are reasonably independent of each other.  You should aim for a portfolio that include investments that have a low correlation to each other so that should some perform badly, others may not.

At Minterest, we aim to offer this variety of investments for our investors.  People have asked, what segment of industries do we focus on?  The simple answer is that we don’t.  Not because specialisation is a bad thing, but we want to provide our investors with the widest investment varieties possible.


Minterest’s team are made up of experts in cash flow analysis with good understanding of macro-economics, we strongly believe that we can deliver good investment opportunities to our investors irrespective of the borrowers’ industry or profile.  If you invest in a well-structured instruments, you should end up with a diversified portfolio within the Minterest platform – this is what we advocate to our investors.  Pretty much like a well-rounded plate of fried rice with all the textures, flavours and colours.

A big bowl of fried rice curled up on the sofa watching an episode of Downton Abbey and knowing my investments are well balanced and diversified – now that’s comfort.  Till next time, may your investment journey be a profitable one!

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