Corporate Investments

At Minterest, you can access unique debt investment opportunities in promising businesss. that have gone through our proprietary due diligence process. Our expertise lies in uncovering opportunities through our in-depth understanding of the sectors we work in.

Diversify your portfolio by investing from as low as S$50 into short term loans at higher risk-adjusted returns to meet your investment objectives.

Key Benefits

Attractive Interest Rate

Earn up to 18% p.a. on your investments. We use our proprietary Mintgrade scoring to review each deal prior to listing it.

Easy Diversification

With typical minimum investment size of as low as S$50, you can easily diversify investments across multiple loans to minimise risk.

Transparent & Low Fees

Minterest charges a minimal service fee of 15% on interest earned by investors. There are no transaction fees or any additional fees for joining the platform.

Short-term Investment

Investment tenors typically range from 3 to 12 months. Transact and monitor your investments online conveniently.

Products Offered

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Working Capital Loans

Interest Rate: 8 - 15% p.a.

Invoice Financing

Financing Rate: 6 - 18% p.a.

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Structured Deals

Interest Rate: 3.5 - 10% p.a.

Consumer Loans

Interest Rate: 7 - 10% p.a.

S$147 Million Raised for Corporates since 2017

This chart is a breakdown of our corporate investment deals, it does not include our real estate deals.

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Shaun Tan

Loan Executive

With 6 years of financial planning experience, Shaun has helped many individual and corporate clients achieve their goals. 

Shaun is passionate about life and adventure, and is a licensed divemaster who enjoys bringing the joy of the underwater world to others.