Do you rate the Funding Requests and, if yes, how?

All Funding Requests listed on Minterest will be given a rating known as MintGrade. The MintGrade rating is our proprietary credit assessment model that reflects both quantitative and qualitative factors taking into account business and financial risks of each counterparty and their respective financing requirements. Our approach is to use as much quantitative data as possible to avoid subjectivity. However, we do recognize that how the promoters and management team react to various scenarios is an important factor in a borrower’s ability to generate sufficient cash flow to meet its obligations.  As such, a portion of the rating assessment is based on qualitative observations obtained during the due diligence process.  More than 200 data points are processed through our proprietary model to generate a MintGrade rating.

For more information on the MintGrade rating approach and methodology, please click here.

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