How safe are the real estate investments?

No investments are free from risks and real estate investments are no different. The investment specific risk profile will be set out in the particular of the Funding Request. In general, these are being mitigated by a number of factors:

  • the typical real estate investments that are offered on Minterest Platform is for a tenor 3 to 12 months although some investment opportunities may be longer in tenor; 
  • the longer-term investments (e.g. 12 to 24 months or longer) would most likely be offered only to accredited investors and institutional investors; 
  • lower portfolio volatility and better risk-adjusted returns as real estate has a low correlation with other major asset classes; and
  • all of these investments are managed by prominent and reputable investment managers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before making an investment, you should carefully read the relevant Funding Request and offering documents. You should seek advice from professional advisers if you are in any doubt whether to participate in a Funding Request. In particular, we recommend you to seek professional advice regarding the suitability of the investment product, taking into account your specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs, before you make a commitment to participate in an investment. It is your sole responsibility, and for your own account, to assess the sufficiency or credibility and independently verify any information provided in the Funding Request.

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