Is there an auto invest facility?

At Minterest, we are continuously improving to make the investment process for our Members’ a more enjoyable one. On Minterest Platform, Members can opt to activate the auto invest facility so that the investments are automatically allocated to Members based on their pre-selected investment criteria and subject to the available funds in the wallet and the auto invest allocation algorithm. Members who has activated the auto invest option will have priority when it comes to making offers to invest in a particular Funding Request. In other words, the offer to participate in the investments will automatically be done for the Members.

What is auto invest facility?

The auto invest facility at Minterest is a function that allows Members to pre-select their investment criteria upfront and thereafter, whenever a new deal is launched, the participating auto invest Member will be allocated an investment amount based on his or her pre-selected criteria made on the Minterest platform.  

It should be noted that the actual amount allocated will be subject to various factors, including, the auto invest parameters, Member’s available funds and Minterest’s auto invest allocation algorithm.  

Members can enable or disable this function at any point in time on their Dashboard at the Auto Invest tab.  

How does auto invest work?

It basically hands the hard work of making an offer to participate in Funding Requests to the Minterest engine. Subject to Members’ pre-selected investment parameters, available funds in the wallet and Minterest’s auto invest allocation algorithm, an investment amount will be allocated to the Member and the Member will automatically invest in the Funding Facility when the deal is launched.

Can I opt out of a Funding Request that meets my auto invest pre-selected parameters?

A Member can turn off or disable the auto invest function before the Funding Request being launched. Notifications on an upcoming launch of a Funding Requests are sent out about 5 to 6 hours prior to launch. Funding Requests are typically launched at 5.55pm Singapore time and Members are advised to disable the auto invest function at least 2 hours before the launch (i.e. typically, at 3.55pm) of the offering if they do not wish to participate in the deal.

Members are encouraged to read and understand further information relating to the Minterest’s auto invest facility here.

Please click here to find out more about the auto invest allocation algorithm and how you can set up the auto invest functionality for your Minterest account. For video instructions on setting up auto invest, please click here.

Please click here to set up auto invest facility now.

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