What are the types of repayment structure that are available?

We currently provide two main types of loan structures:-

Regular Payment

Borrowers seeking working capital would typically be advised to select this type of loan.  It allows borrowers to manage their cash flows over a financial year so that they can take advantage of business opportunities that may come their way.

This type of loan requires the borrower to repay the loan and interest in equal instalments on a regular basis e.g. monthly, similar to payments on a mortgage loan. Loan tenor is generally for up to 12 months.  Loan tenor for more than 12 months can also be considered.

Single Payment

Borrowers that have lump sum cash receipts at certain points in time are optimal candidates for this type of loan.  For example, a lump sum invoice payment in three months’ time or a cash inflow as a result of an event happening e.g. organising a conference or receiving a grant.  This type of loans allow borrowers to have access to critical cash flows to pay suppliers and other creditors while waiting for a significant amount of cash receipts occurring in the future.

Borrowers are only required to pay the principal and interest at the end of the loan tenor.  Loan tenor for this type of financing is generally no more than 12 months.  Depending on specific requirements and business circumstances, tenor of more than 12 months can be considered.

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