What does it mean for me to be treated as an accredited investor?

GENERAL WARNING: Accredited investors are assumed to be better informed, and better able to access resources to protect their own interests, and therefore require less regulatory protection. Investors who agree to be treated as accredited investors therefore forgo the benefit of certain regulatory safeguards. For example, issuers of securities are exempted from issuing a full prospectus registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore in respect of offers that are made only to accredited investors, and intermediaries are exempted from a number of business conduct requirements when dealing with accredited investors. Investors should consult a professional adviser if they do not understand any consequence of being treated as an accredited investor.

Some of the investment opportunities listed on Minterest platform will have a higher transaction value and the higher minimum investment amount (e.g. S$50,000 or above). These investments are likely to be for a medium-to-long term hold (e.g. 12 ~ 24 months or longer). They would have higher risk with higher returns of investments. These investments would be more suitable and offered to Accredited Investors and Institutional Investors. If you meet the accreditation requirements and are a confirmed accredited investor, you would be provided with the relevant information for such investment opportunities.

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