What steps do you take to protect the investors?

Investors’ risk in making investments through our platform generally falls into the following categories:

Credit Risk

This covers the ability of borrowers to repay their loans on a timely basis. While we do not provide a recommendation on the creditworthiness of borrowers, we will undertake due diligence on all borrowers to determine their ability to repay promptly. Only borrowers whom we believe are able to meet their obligations on a timely basis will be allowed to post a Loan Request. Apart from protecting investors’ interest, this also protects our reputation as a peer-to-business lending platform that delivers quality deals. Borrowers will have access to our deep structuring capabilities, understanding of cash flows and credit analysis processes to ensure that the loans they raise have the best chance of repayment. This helps the investors in terms of managing default risks.

Operational Risk

Your money is maintained in a bank account controlled by a MAS-licensed trust company, Vistra Trust (Singapore) Pte. Limited (“Vistra”). Risks associated with transactions carried out through the platform are mitigated by using a developed and tested platform built by developers, who are experienced and have delivered dozens of such platforms to operators around the world. Your data is kept securely through our platform, which is hosted by Amazon Web Services in Singapore.

Legal Risk

Our Platform Terms, which include the agreement between investors and borrowers, are documented by reputable financial lawyers to ensure that investors’ interests are adequately covered and clauses covering various situations are clear and unambiguous.

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