FAQ Category: General

Who can access the platform?

Investors who have registered and successfully completed either the knowledge/experience or the suitability questionnaires can access the platform to view live deals. 

How does marketplace funding work?

Marketplace funding is the practice of financing a project, venture or business through the raising of funds from a large number of people (i.e. the crowd).

Is Minterest regulated?

Yes, Minterest is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under the Securities and Futures Act. We hold Capital Market Services Licence (Number: CMS100573) to deal in capital market products.

Who is Minterest?

Minterest Private Limited (“Minterest”) is a digital platform that aims to provide a fresh perspective to the way people look at marketplace funding by bringing borrowers and investors together through customised processes and relevant solutions to help them achieve their financial goals. Our mission is to empower and deliver on objectives of everyday investors and businesses through customised processes using fintech solutions.

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