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Launch of QianNow – The consumer financing arm of Minterest Group

Team qiannow

The Minterest Group is pleased to announce the opening of our consumer financing business, QianNow.


Selected and regulated by the Ministry of Law to pilot new consumer lending practices in Singapore, QianNow utilises proprietary credit scoring algorithm to instantly assess the creditworthiness of each individual based on a combination of traditional data as well as non-traditional data such as bank transactions, psychometrics and even one’s social networks.


Technology is changing the way we live, work and play. With more people opting for flexibility and autonomy at work, we are witnessing the rise of the gig economy in Singapore. Currently, at least 10% of the workforce are contract workers/freelancers, and nearly half of the working population expressed interest in being part of the gig economy. QianNow is designed to meet their needs as jobs evolve and for the future workforce.Using digitalised credit scoring algorithm to assess the credit worthiness of individuals, we  are able to lower the overall financing cost to individuals by as much as 50% of the current bank credit card financing rates.  We believe QianNow will be a safe and cost effective option for individuals.


Meet the QianNow team ….


Did we say Personalised and Cost Effective Interest Rates? 

With QianNow, say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all model, and instead welcome a new model where the amount of data which a borrower provides will determine a unique and personalised interest rate that is an accurate reflection of the financing cost each borrower should have to bear. There is no penalty for early repayment and the online application is simple and fast, allowing you to log onto the platform anytime, anywhere.



Read more at blogqiannow.com and to apply for a loan under 5 minutes, click here.

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Shaun Tan

Loan Executive

With 6 years of financial planning experience, Shaun has helped many individual and corporate clients achieve their goals. 

Shaun is passionate about life and adventure, and is a licensed divemaster who enjoys bringing the joy of the underwater world to others.