Member’s Night at Chef’s Table – 5 Nov 2018

minterest group photo

Another night we get to enjoy with our members. It has been 9 months since our last investor’s night, and we are glad to be able to connect with our members once again through this event. What a coincidence as it so happens to also be our 18-months anniversary!


Without further ado, let us complete our set up and have some fun!


Starting it off

Firstly, we start off with a speech by our very own Co-founder and CEO, Charis Liau as she shares about our Minterest story and the future of the financial services industry. We hope you have also enjoyed our 18-months anniversary video as we bring you along our journey since our incorporation.

Then, our Co-founder and COO, Ronnie Chia shared about his (love for fried rice,) what you should look out for when making an investment and the investors’ journey with Minterest, which everyone who decides to join our platform as an investor will be able to experience.

The owner of Chef’s Table, Chef Stephan, who was a borrower on our platform, also spoke about his borrower journey with us.



After the presentation

Now it’s time – let us all mingle around and enjoy!


Thank you to all members who participated in this event. We hope to see more of you at our next member’s night, till then!

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