Minterest Group Chairman Interview on The Breakfast Huddle with Elliot Danker and Yasmin Jonkers (MONEYFM 89.3)

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CL Interview – The Curve with Michelle Martin & Desmond Wong (MONEYFM 89.3)

Charis Liau, Lim Cheng Teck, Ronnie Chia

Digitalisation and fintech are major disruptives forces for traditional financial institutions and was a key discussion area at the German-Singaporean Financial Forum on the future of banking. One of the speakers, Charis Liau, Co-Founder and CEO of Minterest, shares with us how this lending platform is shaking up the traditional banking setup.

Many thanks to Michelle Martin and Desmond Wong, MONEY FM 89.3, for the coverage of the event. And a superb job organised by the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Check out the LIVE Podcast below

“The Curve: Charis Liau,Co-Founder and CEO, Minterest”

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