SeedlyTV: P2P Lending Showdown

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In collaboration with Seedly, Minterest along with three other P2P lending founders from Capital Match, CoAssets, and Funding Societies were gathered all in one room to give more context on the industry and how consumers can consider investing in the SME loans space.

The viewers were able to ask questions while the speakers answer them LIVE during the video session. They sat down to answer burning questions like “How does it work? Is it safe?! Why don’t the P2P companies raise funding from venture capital or angel investors to put into the P2P loans?”



p2p lending p2p lending

In a nutshell, these are the topics that were covered during the LIVE


  1. What is P2P lending about and how does it work

  2. Pros and Cons of P2P lending

  3. Risks involved in investing via P2P lending

  4. How safe is P2P?

  5. LIVE Q&A

Below are some snippets from the P2P Lending Showdown that was held on 27 June 2019.

Here we have our co-founder, Ronnie introducing Minterest!



He also shared about our Minterest story and how we have come this far. ?



You may be also wondering what sets Minterest apart from the other P2P lending platforms. One of the questions that he answered during the LIVE streaming was “There are so many platforms to choose from. What is the

main feature that sets you apart from your competitors?”




Many thanks to Seedly for organising this information session on P2P lending, and to all viewers who have asked insightful questions.

If you have missed the show, fret not, as you can still watch the full LIVE video session here.

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NOTE: SeedlyTV is a series which will be covering topics in personal finance via LIVE video and Q&A on the Seedly platform.

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