Premium Property Investments

At Minterest, we are constantly unlocking new ways to invest. We have made high quality institutional-grade real estate investments accessible to our members. As a member on our platform, you can to take part by investing as little as S$2,000

Key Benefits

Institutional-Quality Opportunities

Gain access to exclusive opportunities to co-invest with renowned real estate investment managers, which traditionally are only available to institutional investors

Bite-sized Amounts

Minimum investment amount of S$2,000 is significantly smaller than typical entry ticket price for real estate investments

Managed by Experts

Real estate ownership and managing on your own can be risky. Our industry experts have deep knowledge and experience to professionally manage these investments on your behalf

Investment Diversity

Diversify your real estate investment in different countries with ease. Minterest hedges the currency risk on your behalf to ensure investment returns are not affected by fluctuations in the currency markets

Short Term Investments

Manage your liquidity position by investing in investments of tenor as short as 3 to 6 months

Stable Returns

Earn stable returns ranging from 3.5 - 10% p.a., assessment and due diligence on these property investments have been conducted by our real estate co-investment partners

Our Real Estate Investment Partners

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Our Real Estate Investment Partners

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Our Real Estate Investment Partners

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Completed Property Deals 

Residential High-rise Development

Melbourne, Australia

Exclusive opportunity to co-invest in a luxury high-rise residential development located in the West of Melbourne’s CBD.

Residential and Retail Property

Seoul, South Korea

Co-invest in a mix-use property (residential apartments and retail space) located in Dongdaemun, right next to Seoul’s CBD.

Mix of Residential and Retail Property


Investment opportunity backed by a portfolio of 24 properties across 6 countries and 3 asset classes.

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